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About Us

The best brakes for big tires!

Beefed Up Brakes was founded to provide top quality brake system components to truck and SUV owners. Our brake pads and shoes are designed for beefed up trucks and SUVs with oversized wheels and tires. Whether you’re set up for towing or off-road adventures, Beefed Up Brakes was created to give your truck or SUV the high performance stopping power you need. Our products are designed and developed for specific truck and SUV applications. Beefed Up Brakes may offer fewer products than our competitors, but that’s because we never take a ‘one size fits all’ approach. For example:

  • If your daily driver spends weekends on the trail, we have high performance pads for that.
  • If your daily driver spends weekends towing a boat, we have brake parts designed for your truck.
  • If your rig isn’t a daily driver and is used specifically for towing or off-roading, we have pads for that, too.

Beefed Up Brakes has designed, built, and tested our high performance brake parts with your specific application in mind. Give your beefed up vehicle the stopping power of Beefed Up Brakes.