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Why Beefed Up Brakes?


Better Braking For Vehicles With Oversized Tires

  • - Designed For Oversized Tires
  • - Developed For Specific Truck and SUV Applications
  • - Pad Options For Towing and Off-Road
Our pads and rotors are designed for specific truck and SUV applications.

Designed For Specific Truck and SUV Applications

We offer fewer products than our competition, but it’s only because we value quality. We don’t take a “one-size-fits-all” approach to our products, and the result is a line of top quality brake pads and rotors designed to fit your vehicle perfectly.

Made With Premium Materials

To ensure optimal performace and longevity, our brake pads and rotors are built with premium quality materials.

  • - Premium brake pad material that gives you more stopping power.
  • - Large rotors to allow for easier and quicker braking with oversized tires.
  • - A design with precise fitment in mind.
Great prices. Great quality. Unbeatable value.
Installation is easy!

Easy Installation

Our brake pads and rotors are easy to install. It requires just a few basic tools.

  • Step 1: Get Your Car Off the Ground
  • Step 2: Remove the Caliper Assembly and Old Brake Pads
  • Step 3: Replace the Brake Pads
  • Step 4: Replace the Brake Caliper Assembly
  • Step 5: Replace Your Tires and Wrap It Up